Send Files

Uploading via the Web

For most clients, uploading files via the web will be the preferred option. We have created a convenient website where you can upload files to us.

The website is located at:


FTP Transfer

For clients who are comfortable using an FTP client application, we can provide you with a username and password for access to our FTP server. Contact your Customer Service Representative for further information. You will need an FTP client installed on your computer to use this service.



If your file is small (less than 10 MB for instance) then emailing your files to your Customer Service Representative may be an option. Contact your CSR for further information about how to email files directly to them.

Please contact your Customer Service Representative for further information about any of these methods of transferring files to Morgan Printing. When transferring files to Morgan Printing, it is best to let your CSR know that you will be sending files, so that they can alert the Prepress Team.